Hiking from Coast to Coast by Hi Love!

Whether you like a good challenge, a 14er, or an everyday leisure hiking trail, we have something fun in store for you!

We consulted with our team members (one in particular who loves a good challenge/14er and the rest of us who are everyday trail lovers) to gather our tried and true favorite hikes across the USA, plus tips for staying hydrated, light on your feet and how to prepare to be one with nature! 

If it is a challenging snow-capped peak that your heart desires or a simple trail for sauntering along to take in the views...you will enjoy this one so read on! 

Hiking Gear Tips:

Trail Lover: 

  • Wear comfortable athletic style clothing with layers so you are prepared for changing temperatures - The basics...but it’s important to start with them!
  • @Goodr Sunglasses - lightweight, affordable, and they are fashionable & fun too! 
  • Shoes...these are very important!  And, whether you choose to match or not, wear a pair that is worn in but still has good tread. 


  • Getting serious from the get-go: The 10 essentials: ultra lightweight backpack, Ariat hiking boots, navigation (all trails, phone), sunscreen, first aid kit, rain gear, extra clothing (hats, gloves), headlamp, and lighter.

Food and Beverage Favorites:

Trail Lover: 

  • Stay hydrated with Emergen-C, Nuun tablets, Ultima Replenisher or Liquid IV - These all give you an extra boost with a refreshing taste if we don’t say so ourselves!
  • The team agrees - don’t forget your top of the mountain snacks to pause and take in the view with.  Some trail bar favorites: Kind, Cliff, The YES Bar!


  • 2-3 liters of water with Nuun or LMNT electrolytes. 
  • Nutrition bars and trail mix - She is not picky….it’s not about the food...it’s about the summit!

Accessories...with Style:

Trail Lover: 

  • Fanny Pack - Don’t leave home without it as it keeps your phone close to pull it out for a photo in a moment's notice!
  • Crossbody backpack - Large enough to hold a Mini Pack inside to keep medicine and electrolytes contained, and light enough that it doesn’t weigh you down during the hike. For a shorter hike, use a Puffer Fanny Pack to carry chapstick, phone, car keys and a small water bottle to be light and hands free.

Old Snowy Mountain in Washington State


  • Fanny Pack for your phone!!! Can’t leave home without it! It has an adjustable strap and fits over a jacket. A favorite thing about it, it lies flat so it can be tucked under a jacket if weather conditions are rough. 
  • Other accessories include sunglasses, hat and gloves, poles and goggles if needed. 

Don’t Leave Home Without...

Trail Lover: 

  • Fanny Pack - For a phone to take a nice photo and video along the way
  • Don’t forget to unplug and be in the moment and soak in the breathtaking views….we are ALL in for this one too.


  • The 10 essentials listed above, plus a whistle and Fanny Pack for a phone! Safety on these mountains requires not leaving home without a list of things! 

If you don’t already own a Hi Love Fanny Pack - the jury is in….high level or sea level...this one's for you! 

Aspen, Colorado

Just Because!

Trail Lover: 

  • We are ALL about @alltrails - it gives great recommendations with reviews, and allows you to filter based on difficulty, length and more.
  • Before your adventure, search for blogs with reviews about certain hikes from someone's personal experience.


  • Research weather conditions up to the moment of hiking and even during hiking. Again, safety is most important and knowing when to forge ahead and call it quits is key to a great hike. Enjoy any part of the journey!

Now, follow along below for Hi Love’s favorite hikes…from coast to coast!

Jessica’s Favorite Hikes

Illinois: Starved Rock - A hidden gem in the middle of cornfields. Easy hikes, but be prepared for stairs. Depending on the season & weather, there may be waterfalls to see! 

North Carolina: Catawba Falls - An easy hike/stroll from one waterfall to the next. And, it’s pet friendly too.  

Wisconsin: Devil’s Lake State Park - A Posh family tradition. Connected to a great campground you’ll find a beautiful lake surrounded by two bluffs, to pick your own adventure if you will. One side the trail winds along the lake. The other side you climb along the bluffs where you’ll discover rock formations and lookouts to enjoy a packed lunch or peaceful afternoon. If you look down you may spot some rock climbers, and when you look up keep your eyes open for the bald eagles. 

Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin

Courtney B’s Favorite Hikes

Washington: There are so many amazing hiking options throughout Washington state and the Pacific Northwest. Two of my favorites are around Mt. Rainier National Park.

Naches Peak Loop Trail -This trail is right of 410. It is about a 5K loop with a few hundred feet of elevation gain. This is a family-friendly trail for people of all levels. It has stunning views of Mt. Rainier, wildflowers, a couple of lakes and just beautiful scenery at every turn. 

Skyline Trail (starting from Paradise inside Mt. Rainier National Park) - If you want a little bit more of a challenge, I highly recommend this hike. This hike starts at the Paradise lodge inside the park, right at the base of Mt. Rainier. This look is about 5.6 miles and has an elevation gain of about 1800, it is considered a moderate hike. The views are stunning, not only of Mt. Rainier, but also of the cascades.  There are 360 degree views throughout the hike with wildflowers in bloom in the summer, little chipmunks and marmots, even an occasional bear spotting (don’t worry they mind their own business), with creeks, waterfalls and beauty all around. 

Skyline Trail, Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State

Courtney F’s Favorite Hikes

Arizona: Airport Mesa Trail – Located in Sedona, Arizona, this 3.5 mile trail provides panoramic views of the top red rock landmarks. As the trail begins to wind up, you will get a clear view of the Sedona Pyramid (this is a picture perfect stopping point). As you continue up, the trail leads to one of the most beautiful landing spots and one of the town’s most famous vortexes, which are believed to emit high levels of natural energy, making them amazing spots for heightened spiritual awareness, mediation, healing, and creativity. In addition, you will have the most beautiful panoramic view of Sedona, including the famous rock landmarks: Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, and Courthouse Butte. Fun fact: if you see an area with twisted tree trunks and branches, these are known to be areas with the highest energy concentration. And even if you don’t feel it, you won’t regret hiking this trail for these surreal, breathtaking views.

 Airport Mesa Trail in Sedona, Arizona

Wisconsin: Star Lake Trail – Located in Star Lake, Wisconsin, this trail system was created by glacial forces that gouged Star Lake into the Wisconsin landscape, leaving a boulder strewn peninsula surrounded by 1,206 acres of crystal clear water. The 1 mile or 2.04 mile loops take you through the greenery of the Northwoods, the first pine plantations of Wisconsin, towards the lakeshore. There are a few stopping points where you can climb on top of boulders to get a 360 degree view of this beautiful lake.

Star Lake Trail in Star Lake, Wisconsin

Denise’s Favorite Hikes

Colorado Fourteeners: 

  • Mt. Laplata 9.6 miles at 4370 elevation
  • Mt. of the Holy Cross via Halo Ridge 13.8 miles at 5249 elevation
  • Mt. Elbert 14.7 miles at 4895 elevation (tallest 14er! At 14,440)

Lelani’s Favorite Hikes

New York: Teatown Reservation - Whenever I am visiting family in Upstate New York, Teatown is always a staple to visit. It is an array of different trails, some moderate and some difficult. The abundance of flowers and animals you see during a hike is breathtaking. Back in 2015, I saw my first Black Bear in person hiking the trails. Surprisingly, black bears are quite common in Northern Westchester. It was an amazing view and experience.

Teatown Reservation in New York

Florida: Ginnie Springs - Being a Florida resident, we don’t have much hiking but we do have a lot of amazing fresh water springs.  There is an array of activities you can do as well as even camp there but really, free diving into the springs is the absolute best! The water is a little crisp which can be a little much at first but you get used to it. There is a ton of wildlife, butterflies galore and fish everywhere. If you love to see fish right in front of you, the springs are the clearest spot to do so.

Ginnie Springs in Florida

Melissa’s Favorite Hikes


  • Maroon Bells Pass - Is an all day affair for everyday hikers like myself.  Views are incredible all along the way and if you go at peak season in August/September you will be sure to catch the wildflowers and find yourself dancing to the Sound of Music. You will need to schedule a bus or a ride to the trailhead and arrange for a pick up on the other side.  Spend the night in Crested Butte which has charm just like Mayberry did.  Then you will need to arrange for a shuttle back to Aspen or if you are more ambitious you can hike back over the next day but this is not for the faint of heart. 
  • Smuggler Mountain - A leisurely hike with a view and just steps from the center of town.

Smuggler Trail in Aspen, Colorado

  • Ajax Mountain - A challenge worth the view! You can take the mountain straight on and hike up if you want a hefty heartbeat or traverse into the trees and be one with nature along the way!  And, just when you think it couldn’t get any better...you find LOVE with a view at the top. 

Ajax Mountain in Aspen, Colorado 

We hope you enjoyed hiking along with us.  Now it’s your turn.  Get on All Trails and go!  Go lightly….go with LOVE!

Hike on!

Team Hi Love

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