Spring Collection 2024

At Sea in the Sun…just YOU and me! Let's embark on all the magic it can bring.

Introducing our Spring Collection, where the gentle strokes of watercolor meet the vibrant hues of yellow. Inspired by our love of the colorful Bahamian ocean waters, a little sunshine that always brings a smile and beyond!

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Spring 2024 Bag Collection
Weekender Bags, Lightweight, Water-Resistant

Meet the Watercolor Inspired Packs

A vibrant fusion of soft pastels meets the delicate artistry of a watercolor painting. Take me to the sea, just YOU and Me!

Watercolor Tie Dye Zipper Pouch Toiletries Bag

Watercolor Silver Love Cosmetic Pouch

Watercolor Tie Dye Fanny Pack

Watercolor Puffer Fanny Pack

Watercolor Tie Dye Cosmetic and Lunch Case

Watercolor Silver Love Cosmetic & Lunch Case

Lemon Yellow

A burst of spring sunshine to set you free and brighten your spring days to just be! Crafted in the most cheerful shade of lemon yellow, these pouches are perfect for adding a pop of color to your ensemble.


Lemon Yellow Stripe & Love Medium Pack

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Lemon Yellow Silver Star Mini Pack

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Lemon Yellow Silver Multi-Stars Set of Two

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Lemon Yellow Silver Love Wristlet

Ombre Rainbow Leopard Print Medium Pack

Our discovery of one of the most magical fresh-water sea creatures called the Leopard Discus inspired this special bag. Their spectacular array of metallic colors inspired us to print this beautiful discovery on a chic silver bag you can take with you anywhere…to the sea, in the sun…bar and beyond…just YOU and Me!

Ombre Leopard Print Zipper Bag
Rainbow Ombre Leopard Print Pack
Leopard Print Colorful Zipper Pouch

White Enamel Purse

An elegant shoulder bag with enamel strap in Shimmer White that adds a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit.

Shimmer White Enamel Strap Purse & Clutch

Spring 2024 Collections - Inspired by life and magical things!