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Love on the Road Tamara

Meet our friend, Tamara, She is from South Africa but has lived on Harbour Island in the Bahamas for the past 14 years. She resides there with her daughter and husband. She teaches a variety of fit...

Love on the Road Stephanie

Meet our friend, Stephanie! She is a California native, and currently lives in beautiful South Pasadena with her husband Robert. They have four kids, three cats and a dog and are an active family.

Love on the Road Lindsey

Meet our friend & Hi Love teammate, Lindsey! She is originally from St. Louis and besides attending Arizona State University she has not strayed too far from her Midwest roots outside of her tr...

Love on the Road with Vira

Meet our Friend, Vira Vira was born in Ukraine and has lived in Switzerland for 20 years. She works for an ingredient company as a Business Development Manager and because of her job, she has trav...

Love on the Road with Margaret Posh

Meet our Friend, Margaret Posh "My name is Margaret and I have lived in Chicago, Tampa/St. Petersburg, and San Francisco.  My heart is in Chicago as that’s where my family is so I’m grateful my jo...

Love on the Road with Kasia and Sabrina

Meet Our Friends, Kasia and Sabrina  A Mother/Daughter duo with a mission to see the world...and spread kindness all along the way! About Kasia & Sabrina Kasia: "My name is Katarzyna. I a...

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