Beige Crossbody Puffer Purse

Meet our friend, Kim!

Kim lives in Connecticut and has called New England home her entire life. She loves to travel and enjoy a fun adventure. She is a puzzle aficionado, a gardener and a very big animal lover. (She has alpacas and dogs, but has had donkeys and chickens too!).

Her highest love, however, is BEING ORGANIZED! She has enjoyed 40 years as a wholesale consultant in the gift industry and is always looking for “a better way to pack”.

Hi Love Connection

"I was blessed by discovering these fabulous bags while at a trade show in Atlanta. My booth was right next to Hi Love Travel. It was love at first sight when I met Melissa (and Courtney). We are soul mates for sure. So much love! I believe the universe takes care of us and there was a reason we met at that show. In addition, I am a FIRM believer of “spreading the love”. I love random acts of kindness and I see Melissa doing this sort of thing all the time. My kind of gal!"

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Favorite Hi Love bags

"It’s hard to pick a favorite bag, however, Hi Love Pouches are the bomb! Game changers if you travel and probably my number one choice. I use the medium “lion” pack for my lunches when on a trip. This size also works really well when I travel with a knitting project. Keeping things all together is KEY! The smaller size I use as my electronics case when I travel, then I add on a strap and it’s my clutch for the night! I have also used these pouches for toiletries, again, being waterproof it’s so handy. Because I love a good photo, the turtles is another favorite pattern."


"Another favorite bag that is a non-negotiable is the Weekender. Not only does it make an amazing yoga bag, but when on a trip, it has a slip pocket for my iPad and another inside zipper pocket to keep my phone and wallet safe and easy to get to at an airport."

"I also use the Puffer Purse when I travel because it goes from a crossbody purse to a lovely clutch for a dinner out with friends. So versatile. Lightweight is key, especially when you are traveling."

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