Summer Collection 2024

Dive into our new collection of bags, designed to capture the essence of seaside bliss.

Introducing our Summer Collection, a palette of shimmering beige and refreshing sea green, echoing the tranquil tones of sunlit shores and crystal waters. Turtles gracefully navigate the waves and joyful swimmers embrace the sun-kissed surf, each bag is a delightful embodiment of summer's carefree spirit.

Summer Bag Collection 2024

Meet the Turtle Inspired Pack

Bring the beauty and grace of marine life with you wherever you go! Inspired by our time in the Bahamas, sailing along the water with sea turtles gliding so free, this pouch is the perfect companion for a day on the water, beach adventure, or simply to add a touch of aquatic elegance to your daily life.


Shimmer Beige Sea Green Stars

Inspired by the beauty of the sand and sea, meet our classic star-studded collection in shimmer beige adorned with contrasting sea green stars. Use this stylish pouch to hold all your beach essentials by day and as a clutch for your evening adventures by night!

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Set of Two


Medium Pack



Shimmer Beige Stripes & Love

Our classic love and stripes design come together to create an elegant golden shimmer beige accessory to compliment your summer wardrobe.

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Dive into style this summer with our “Dive in Swimmers” zipper pouch. Whether you are a seasoned swimmer, avid surfer, beach enthusiast or water lover, this is the perfect accessory to take with you on all your water adventures!


Summer 2024 Collection - Inspired by Sand and Sea