Love on the road blog with Stephanie

Meet our friend, Stephanie!

Stephanie is a California native, and currently lives in beautiful South Pasadena with her husband Robert. They have four kids, three cats and a dog and are an active family.

She is the co-founder of Harvest Goal Collective, a nationwide women’s accountability community. They host several groups every two weeks for women who are tapping into the support of others to help them achieve their personal, educational and professional goals. She also owns and hosts a short-term rental property in Arrowbear, CA. On the side, she runs the Pasadena Compost Club, a thriving community compost hub of 20+ local families.

In her free time she loves walking her dog, cooking with her husband and playing board games at dinner with the kids (we’re currently playing Chameleon every…single…night).

Favorite Place

"My favorite place I’ve traveled is Big Sur. It’s the big rocky cliffs, cold ocean spray and the amazing air. It all hits me so deep and feels incredibly grounding. I don’t have to travel far for it either, which is nice. 😊"

Hi Love Connection

"I heard about Hi Love when Melissa was developing it! I’ve been Hi Love’s biggest fan ever since."

Hi Love in Joshua Tree National Park

Favorite Hi Love bags

"I use three Hi Love bags every day. The Puffer Fanny Pack: It’s the most versatile bag you can imagine. There isn’t anything I’d change about the design, it’s just perfect. Second (and these are not in any order – I love these all equally), the Puffer Tote. I run a few businesses and it’s essential to have my laptop, notebook, files and tech accessories all in one place. It’s always packed and ready to go. And finally, the Weekender. It’s the best travel bag I’ve ever had. You might not think that “lightweight” is something significant in a travel bag but let me tell you – it makes all the difference! And it holds way more than you think it will!"