Meet our friend, Tamara!

Tamara is from South Africa but has lived in Harbour Island in the Bahamas for the past 14 years. She resides there with her daughter and husband. She teaches a variety of fitness classes on the island, online and has a passion for dancing.

Find her on Instagram & give her a follow for fitness inspiration and tips:

Dance & Fitness

"I danced since I was 3yrs old. I did modern, balllet, tap, contemporary etc and then started dancing professionally in 1995 and did my fitness courses around the same time. I started my own dance company and events company in South Africa in 2000 and then left in 2009. So dance and fitness has been my life for most of my life! "

Boating & Tavel

"We love to travel and having Hi Love has been such a blessing. All Hi Love bags are water-resistant so they are great for our boating lifestyle too"


Wellness Tip

"Live everyday as a healthy lifestyle. I don’t believe in diets. Eat healthy and make it your lifestyle. Cut portion size and if u eat unhealthy for one day make sure the next few you eat a healthy balanced life. Balance is what it is all about. Workout everyday as it’s not only good for your body but for your mind and health as well."

Hi Love Connection

"I taught the founder, Melissa, and her family when they were here on vacation and continue to do so when they come. Melissa is great and we have become friends and I love the Hi love brand and all the products! "

Favorite Hi Love bags

"I love the Love me Knot! It is not too small and not too big but great for the beach and boat! It's my daughters favorite too, she now uses my love me knot for all her travels! And I love the colour! My favourite! Another one of my favorites  is the Harbour Island Beach Scene Medium Pack as it’s big enough for all my toiletries and just looks so fabulous! My daughter and I both love the wristlets and the two piece sets."