Conquer Your Purse Clutter
Once and For All

Regardless of your stage of life or what your everyday routine entails, if you’re a woman, you are busy. We all like to be prepared for whatever the day may bring and many of us haul around all sorts of junk in our handbags that we don’t really need. That can contribute to extra anxiety in our lives. This month Hi Love aims to ease your stress with several tips and tricks to arrange your favorite carrier once and for all.

The first step for any type of bag decluttering is giving it a thorough wipe down. The easiest way to get started: just dump out everything and discard what isn’t essential. Next, hold the bag over a garbage can and shake it to remove any unwanted debris that may remain. Alcohol-free baby wipes are a great choice for gently cleansing of most bags, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper material care.


Once you have wiped down your purse, set it aside then begin the process of straightening out its contents. Group similar items together while sanitizing/rubbing off sticky spots. Now you will want to take a hard look at what you’ve been toting around and pick what is necessary to keep. When you have everything rearranged, it’s time to put the essentials back. Lucky for you, our pouches come in a variety of sizes you can utilize to ensure these items are nicely grouped. Here are our suggestions to keep the three most common carryalls organized for the girl on the go.

Gift Card Holders aren’t just for gifting to others! These are the perfect size to collect change, organize lip balms, lipsticks, hold IDs and cards or even stash away band aids.

Mini Zipper Packs are the best size to store pens, pencils, and markers in one place. They’re also a great pouch for keeping makeup staples on hand.

Cosmetic Zipper Pack are the modern pocketbooks with enough room to hold that wallet, keys and phone. Add one of Hi Love’s wrist straps and voila – a lightweight, handsfree clutch that you can use when you don’t want to bring a larger purse along.


Diaper Bags
Trust us when we tell you to store the durable Puffer Tote Bag with you at all times. These low-maintenance, water-resistant bags fold away easily and are helpful to have on hand whenever you need to carry things that are wet or need to be washed while out with the kids. The ideal “mom” purse is one of our Fanny Packs. This modern “wonder” comes with an adjustable belt that allows you to wear over your shoulder, around the waist or as a crossbody. This pack is small enough to keep your must-haves protected and simply pop it inside a bigger bag anytime. Make mom life a little easier by adding a few Medium Pouches to that diaper tote. Keep accessories in one place as these are well-suited to hold wipes, cream and even a changing pad. Grab another for small toys like rattles and teething rings. Our water-resistant fabric will protect the contents and can be quickly cleaned. 

Gym Bags 
Hands down, our most popular choice for the gym is the Jumbo Pack. This bag really does neatly stash a lot of exercise necessities – shoes, towel, and a change of clothes – readily available for your class. The interior zipper gives you additional hidden storage space for small keys or jewelry. So, no more fighting with the bottom of the bag when you must find them!

If your idea of working out involves the great outdoors, then our Puffer Crossbody Backpack is just what you want. Whether you are hitting the trails or the slopes, this lightweight bag is very roomy and fits your basics as well as snacks and a water bottle.


No matter where the day may take you, here at Hi Love we strive to blend fashion and function into all our designs. We hope these guidelines help to lighten your load, whether you’re heading out solo or carrying the supplies of a small army. May you always travel with light, life and love.