Meet our friend & Hi Love Teammate, Lindsey

She is originally from St. Louis and besides attending Arizona State University she has not strayed too far from her Midwest roots outside of her travels. She moved to Chicago after she graduated and has resided there for the past 14 years.

She has a wonderful husband of 10 years and they are proud parents to two sweet and rambunctious boys, EJ (8) and Theo (5). After leaving the corporate world a few years ago to spend some time at home with her boys, she loved this opportunity to help with sales and marketing at Hi Love! She has been able to manage work/life balance while getting to work with an amazing group of women in an industry she truly loves - fashion!! Outside of fashion, she loves working out, being involved at her kid's school and newfound interests in golf and pickleball!

Love of Chicago

"I fell in love with Chicago because of the fun social scene in my early 20s, and endless culture and professional opportunities! I stayed for the food, sports and most importantly the Midwestern people!"

Chain Purse and Wristlet

Why Travel

"I love to travel to see the beauty of different geographies and climates and experience what different cultures have to offer. My favorite international journeys have included studying abroad in Spain & Morocco, Paris, and most recently visiting the Cayman Islands for the first time with my family. Within the U.S., Hawaii, Napa, Sea Island and the Florida Keys are our family favorites."

Next Destination - "My husband has a business trip in Portugal this Fall that I am so excited to get to tag along on! "

Hi Love Connection

"I worked with our Founder, Melissa, at a different company years prior and we had stayed in touch. I knew when she launched Hi Love she was onto something special and unique in the purse and bag space but I also knew she had the heart and soul to get it where it is today! I bought my first crossbody backpack shortly after Hi Love launched to replace my diaper bag and I've never looked back."

Favorite Hi Love bags

"If you were to run into me right now I will more than likely have on my ride or die Puffer Fanny Pack! It's the perfect on the go bag for errands, the gym or running my kids around to their million activities. I can fit my phone, wallet, keys, neosporin, bandaids and a few snacks. The second bag you will most likely see me with is the Love Me Knot Puffer Purse Tote. With my kids's busy schedules, I have to be ready to plug in and get work done whenever I can. The puffer tote is the perfect size for my laptop, notebook, water bottles, MORE snacks and I usually throw my puffer fanny pack in there since it is the home of my wallet and keys."