African Wildlife - Anit-Poaching

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Giving back when you can is a necessary way to live and love on this planet.

In 2020, we launched our #ShareTheHiLove giveback campaign to extend that mission to persons and organizations who could use a little extra love. Each purchase during the month of August and September contributes to a donation to Down to the Wire as part of our ongoing #ShareTheHiLove campaign.

Animal poaching in Africa is a pressing conservation issue that threatens the continent’s rich and diverse wildlife. From majestic elephants to magnificent rhinos and iconic big cats, these incredible creatures are targeted for their valuable body parts, fueling the illegal wildlife trade. The devastating impact of poaching extends beyond the animals themselves, affecting ecosystems, economies, and local communities.

African Wild Animals Rescued from Poaching

Photo by Down to the Wire @down2the_wire

Down to the Wire strives to create awareness around animal poaching and snaring. They have found an alternative way to turn what once was so destructive into hope. Anti-poaching units are doing their part by removing these death traps from wildlife areas. Once removed, these snares serve no other purpose. Their quest is to rework the snares into uniquely hand crafted jewelry as a symbol of life. The funds raised are made available to a select group of wildlife veterinarians - who have dedicated their lives to making a difference within wildlife conservation, to cover costs of treatment and rehabilitation.

 To learn more about this organization visit their website and give them a follow on instagram @down2the_wire