Fall Collection 2023

Into the Wild

Wild at heart! Take this African jungle inspired collection on your day to day to feel wild at heart or too far away lands to enjoy and stand out a little! Inspired by our founder's visit to the @nedilelodge in South Africa, this collection brings you safari life designs to help you experience the edge of the wilderness!

Wild African Animals Zipper Pouch
Africa Inspired Fall Bag Collection
Shimmer Green Puffer Purse

Meet the Animal Inspired Packs

Run wild with these ones What’s your favorite jungle animal? A giraffe, elephant, leopard, zebra or ROAR….need we say more!? 

Leopard Print Zipper Pouch

Leopard Print - Golden, Cabernet & Black

African Wild Animal Print Zipper Pouch

African Jungle Scene

Lion Print Zipper Pouch

Hear me ROAR!

Shimmer Army Green

An elevated army green classic with added shimmer and golden beige accents.
Wear with any neutral from black, white, and beige or go with a monochromatic look that's got an edge. It comes in a Black & Beige Stripe Crossbody Purse, Puffer Fanny Pack, Love & Hearts, Stars and Puffer Purse.

Shimmer Green Stripes Crossbody Purse
Shimmer Green Puffer Fanny Pack
Shimmer Green Puffer Purse
Shimmer Green Love Zipper Pouch
Shimmer Green Puffer Purse and Clutch
Shimmer Green Beige Stars Zipper Pouch

Chain Purse in
Shimmer Black

An elegant crossbody purse that adds a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit.

Army Green Camo

Hi Love’s moden camo print is sleek, stylish, and subtle enough to be dressed up, down or incognito on your next safari.

Shimmer Green Camo Zipper Pouch

NEW - Gold Puffer Wallet

Hi Love reimagined the beloved plush and versatile puffer style into a Wallet that is designed to organize you and accompany you on all your wildest adventures.

Shimmer Green Camo Zipper Pouch

RENEWED Black Gold Myriad Stars

Star studded packs adorned with contrasting stars in gold that will instantly lighten up your mood.

Shimmer Green Camo Zipper Pouch

Fall Into the Wild with Hi Love