Let's Get Nautical

The 2023 Resort Collection

Say "ahoy" to our NEW bags and packs!

Set Sail Myriad of Nautical Boats

Whether sailing the ocean seas or enjoying lake life, this myriad of boats pattern was designed for you!

Nautical Knots in Turquoise & Red

Knots of fun with this one! Our founder’s first deep sea boating trip to the Bahamas welcomed turquoise waters and learning how to tie the various boat knots to quickly dock and safely stay put for an overnight or two. Why “knot” give this one to yourself or a loved one that enjoys sailing the sea or lake life waters!

Anchors Aweigh

Set your sites, sails, and floating vessels and crafts to the breeze when “Anchors Aweigh! (“Anchors Aweigh” Meaning = Anchors are clear of the sea bottom and the boat is officially underway.) Make a statement with “Anchors Aweigh!” Worn with bright whites and gold accessories you are sure to always be on trend with this splash of gold!

Nautical Rope Love in Navy & White

Make your next trip on the water a breeze with these Nautical Navy Packs accented with Red or White Ropes!

Nautical Rope Stripes in Navy & Red

Nautical Knot Stripes in Navy & White

Love Me "Knot" Puffer Purse Tote
in Shimmer White & Shimmer Navy

Hats, Puffer Fanny Packs, and more!