Must Visit Cities in Mexico

The Best of San Miguel de Allende & a quick jaunt to Mexico City


Mexico is a vibrant country full of delicious food, colorful architecture and amazing culture.  Take a trip with us to some of our favorite places in Mexico. 

In 2023 we traveled to Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido near and on Mexico's Southern coast. Then just a few months ago, in early 2024, we spent more time in Mexico City and took a road trip up to historic San Miguel de Allende.

Read on to learn about our favorite places we ate, where to stay and the best things to do in each city. 

Mexico City Juice Bar

Mexico City

If you want a cultural experience with some of the best food you will ever find then head to Mexico City. And, they know how to make a great margarita too. The Michelin Star dining at Pujol and Rosetta were lovely as was Maximo Bistro. Frida's home where she lived with famed artist Diego Rivera was unique. And, you won't go home empty handed as awesome shopping is at every turn. 

Best Hotels:
Intercontinental in Polanco
Condesa df in La Condesa
The Wild Oscar in Polanco

Where to Eat:
Pujol - A 3-star Michelin restaurant in La Condesa
Ojo De Agua - for breakfast, lunch & green drinks
Maximo Bistrot - for lunch
Rosetta - for dinner

Favorite Neighborhoods:
Polanco, Roma, Historic & La Condesa

Things to Do:
El Zocalo - views of one of the largest squares in the world
Diego Rivera's home - where he lived with Frida
Day of the Dead - November 1st & 2nd - Marigolds blanket the city.
Eat the local cuisine & drink the margaritas.

Although we did not have the time this visit, these few excursions we hear are well worth a visit:
- Pyramids - outside the city
- Canal Tour
- Frida Kahlo Museum - book in advance


El Mirador San Miguel de Allende


Hand blown glass hearts are a special keep sake

San Miguel

Get lost in the colorful romance the streets have to offer. Walk down the alcoves around every corner to discover shopping and dining to delight.

You can fly to San Miguel from Mexico City or hire a driver. We like the adventure and flexibility of a driver so thats what we did. It is a 3-hour drive that allowed us a charming stop in Queretaro (a UNESCO world heritage site) to see the Cathedral.

This lovely cobblestone city of San Miguel that dates back to 1542 is easily walkable. By staying in the city center you will avoid the steep incline to the edge of town. We did adventure up to enjoy glorious views from above.


Shopping and hand-blown glass hearts are everywhere you look. You will uncover local artisans that sell hats, linens, clothing, accessories, jewelry and more. Art Galleries and love was everywhere you looked. There are also what I call “mini malls” such as the “Plaza Atrio” that have a variety of stores and artisans under one roof.

Best Hotels:
Casa Arca - request the 2nd floor with a view
La Valise - quaint and centrally located 

Where to Eat:
Quince - best view in the city at night
Tunki - at The Belmond a Casa de Sierra Hotel - gorgeous sunset views 
La Posadita - a quaint rooftop restaurant for lunch
Casa Arca - for Breakfast

Things to Do:
The Parroquia De San Miguel Arcángel
El Mirador
- the highest point in the city with views to delight. It is a steep climb so take your time.
Aldama Street - if you're an instagrammer…this is your spot.


Grutas Tolantongo


Pozas de las Grutas Tolantongo

Special day trips outside of San Miguel:
Jardin Botanico - A natural protected area abundant in native species of flora and Fauna and endangered plants in Mexico. It is free to walk through and get lost in nature. Well worth the extra stop.
Tolantongo - Thermal Waterfalls are healing and so magnificent to see - visit on the weekdays to avoid crowds. The swimming pools have breathtaking views but are man made where the waterfalls are natural wonders. It is 3 hours from San Miguel and then another 3-hour drive back to Mexico City.


Must Have Bags for Traveling Mexico:

Weekender - Light and easy as always - don't get on an airplane without it. 

Pouch to Purse - Silver Crossbody - day is a crossbody and night is my foldover clutch. At the end of my trip it's for my wet bathing suit or worn undergarments.

Puffer Fanny - It is my go to for all airline travels with quick and easy access to my readers, phone, lip balm and wallet.

Emergency Packs - to share love everywhere we go!

San Miguel Colorful Streets

Aldama Street

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