Hi Love Travel

About Us, Our Story, and LOVE!

Our Story: How it all began!

The Story of Hi Love Travel 

Melissa Posh, an adventurous and global business entrepreneur, is the founder of Hi Love Travel. Her business acumen was originally involved with learning in food, fitness and fashion while traveling the world.

It was on one such trip with her nieces, caught in a downpour and carrying a fanciful bag that the aha moment arose. She thought there has to be a better way - another bag that is more functional, lightweight and fashionable too.

 Brainstorming & focus groups began with business women, mothers, men and other likely users. Original designs and colors were chosen. Moisture-resistant & featherlight material is a must-have ingredient in our designs. We believe in looking like a million bucks, not spending it—which is why we make affordable packs.

We also know that we have a responsibility to the planet and to humanity to choose eco-friendly and recycled materials and to support our supply chain, without compromise. We’ve developed a brand we’re proud of and are convinced you'll love Hi Love too!

What's In The Name & Why Love?

The Meaning & Inspiration Behind Hi Love Travel

Sharing LOVE has always been at the core of who we are as a company. No matter what challenge life, the world, or another serves to us, pausing a moment to share a smile, a kind word or a thoughtful gift with a friend (or a complete stranger!) is what can build a community around shared LOVE.

The name Hi Love Travel was inspired by Harbour Island, the location where love first bloomed in Melissa’s life. Hi, of course, is also a friendly global greeting, and Love is obvious. You might say “Hi Love” to a friend to start the day, answer the phone or use as a salutation of any text or email. We love love, what can we say?

Meet Our Founder

Melissa Posh, Founder & CEO of the Hi Love Brand


She greets her employees, friends, and family with a huge smile and authentic warmth on every occasion, even emails! The fun and optimistic charm of the Hi Love accessories brand is embodied in our founder and if you've met her you know just what we're talking about.

Mel might travel and dress posh but she is as down-to-earth as they come. She is one of 13 siblings, (10 of them females) and she intimately understands what every woman needs in a fashion accessory: function + form with just the right touch of personality! 

The original inspiration for the Hi Love brand is what keeps it a favorite today: uniquely functional, purposeful fashion at affordable prices for everyday, fitness, fashion, travel and beyond!


Purposeful Packs for Everyday Fitness

Our collections reflect the active lifestyle philosophy of Hi Love perfectly: stay light on-the-go and be ready to take in all life has to offer!


Fashionable and Purposeful Bags for Everyday

Hi Love believes in feel-good colors and prints with just the right touch of personality. And if black makes you feel your best, we are here for that too. Mix and match your Hi Love bags and accessories with your favorite fashions to make a style statement for every occasion!


Travel with Hi Love to Harbour Island, Bahamas

The bag that will never leave your side. Around town or the world, our versatile packs, purses, totes, and luggage are designed to accompany you on all your wildest adventures.

Inspired by Harbour Island. Designed in Chicago.

Packs and handbags that compliment our active lifestyle philosophy: always lightweight, easy to clean and multi-functional. Classic and fun styling is always included.

Whether you're looking for the perfect dry pack for traveling or storing sweaty gym clothes, or you're a busy professional needing on-the-go file organization, or maybe you're looking for the perfect day hike backpack, the best part about buying Hi Love is knowing it'll be a wardrobe staple all season and through any adventure.

Try the fanny pack if you're a runner, and for moms try the medium pack to contain leaky baby and kiddo stuff! For nights out and special events, our star collection is fun and fashion-forward. Paired with boyfriend jeans for a casual look, our puffer collection is convertible and can go from day to night in a flash. The most important element of your accessory should be that it expresses you! Carry our LOVE bags wherever you go - the beach, shopping, camping or a road-trip to share the love far and wide.

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